If you live or do business in the Hilltowns, whether full or part-time, or if you are concerned about the economic well-being of the Hilltown community, the JLBA has something to offer you.

We are the creators and publish the “Hilltown Destinations” Map and Business Directory.

We began publishing Destinations in 2017.  In previous years it has been mailed to homes in all 22 Hilltowns and distributed all over Western Massachusetts thanks to our network of business owners and JLBA Board Members and in 2019 it premiered at the BigE!

JLBA uses also uses social media to advertise/market all JLBA members on a regular basis including/but not limited to:  Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram and Twitter.

Membership in the JLBA for the current year gets your business listed in Destinations.

JLBA Membership benefits:

Annual JLBA dues are $95 per year January to December. To join or renew, fill out the Membership Application and return by mail. Pay by check or online.